large rear seating platform with loud speakers and rear remote control for easy playlist search

This boat is huge! comfortable seating all around for up to 12 guests. large tanning area in the front of the boat that can be converted to a walking space if needed for dancing. This is the perfect boat rental to go on quick tours.

Millionaires row

miami beach millionaires row- high impact watersports

millionaires row is in Miami Beach, here you will see the most extravagant homes you could ever dream of. 

The Port of Miami

port of miami- high impact watersports

At the port of Miami you will see massive container ships with cargo arriving from all over the world. really a sight to see.

Cruise ship port

Miami Beach cruise ship port

if you have never seen a cruise ship or even been on one trust us just driving by one will have you speechless, the pure ingenuity itself is  worthy of  a few pictures.

Dolphin sightings

Miami Beach - dolphin sighting with high impact watersports

Dolphin sightings are truly amazing to see when  they are with the  pod. everyone loves them and they love us, well they love the wake our yacht throws. 

The Sandbar

haulover sandbar Miami with high impact watersports

One of the many popular sandbars Miami has to offer. Haulover sandbar has the clearest waters in Miami, take a boat ride over and enjoy kayaks paddle boards loads of food ice cream, and live DJ